New South Wales
South Australia
  • 22 Mar

    The La Piscine property in Darling Point was inspired by a 1969 Italian-French film set on the Côte d’Azur, starring Jane Birkin, is it little wonder this property attracts the most fabulous media events and guests local and international. You actually feel like you are on a private island, yet La Piscine is within walking distance to the CBD with spectacular views across Rushcutters Bay and Sydney Harbour.

    Recently Max & Co. invited Nadia Fairfax to host #MondayswithMaxAndCo, an elegant soiree for her friends – Sydney’s jet set of talented creatives who were tempted away from their desks and studios to do Monday La Piscine style! The images say it all.. take you place poolside at the Nadia Fairfax and Max & Co. soiree here Monday Love.

    We would love to find your perfect event location match.. just like Nadia Fairfax, Max & Co and La Piscine. How divine.

    Photography: Alice Mahran
    Grazing table: The Fromage Table

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