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Bespoke Concierge Services

Your Ultimate Holiday Experience Awaits

We can arrange everything from a jet-black Maserati, a private seaplane charter, daily delivery of Bollinger or private dining with a celebrity chef.

Travel in style

Wheels, Water and Wings

Traveling in style makes all the difference. Private hot air balloon, helicopter or light plane tours are the best way to soak in the scenery. Cars of all kinds are yours to enjoy—choose from limousines, sports cars, convertibles, SUVs, motorbikes, vintage wheels or luxury European cars. If exploring by sea is your preference, we can arrange a chartered boat tour with all the sumptuous trimmings.


The perfect gift

Special Occasion

Your spouse will love a keepsake of your holiday from a local jeweller or boutique, or perhaps a artistic floral arrangement or tasty treat from a chocolatier on arrival. Treat yourself with a hard-to-find vintage champagne, cellar wine or aged whisky! If you’re having a birthday, anniversary or it’s a special occasion during your stay, we can arrange the perfect gift to celebrate!

Treat your tastebuds

Fine Dining

Wow your guests with a celebration catered by a celebrity chef. If you’re exploring for the day, we’ll have a sumptuous picnic waiting at your destination. Perhaps a private cooking lesson from a local food expert, or a selection of provincial wine, cheese and produce delivered to your door? Whatever your catering requirements, we can take care of all the arrangements. Bon Appétit.



Unwind and rejuvenate

Blissful Relaxation

Nothing relaxes you more on holiday than luxurious pampering. We can arrange for local masseuses, beauticians or hairdressers to visit you at your property for a private massage, makeup or hair styling session. We can also find and recommend the best pampering sessions at local beauticians, day spas and salons during your stay. You’ll be walking on air and feeling fabulous in no time.


Explore local attractions

Unique Adventures

See, try and do the the best of everything during your stay, and leave knowing you truly experienced your destination to its fullest potential. We’ll suggest the best local tourist attractions, adventure parks, restaurants, shops and scenery for you to explore. We’ll help plan your itinerary so you can enjoy the best of whatever you’re looking for: relaxation, adrenalin, exploring, learning, shopping, dining and much more.


Our kids club

Experienced Childcare

We’ll create your very own kids club while you’re away with fun activities for children of all ages. We work hand-in-hand with the best local childminding agencies to find the right nannies and caregivers for your child. Whether you want babysitting for a night out or someone fun to keep the children entertained while you relax, our services will have your every childcare need catered for.

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