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III Rooms Sydney

III Rooms Sydney In collaboration with III of Australia’s most respected furniture design houses. III Rooms Sydney offers a unique style of accommodation with unparalleled elegance. Positioned exclusively …
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Palm Beach Estate, NSW

Palm Beach Estate, NSW Just an hour’s drive from Sydney’s CBD, a trail of kayakers crosses the horizon off the ocean beach, silhouetted like ants against …
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Surry Hills Luxe: An Infinite Design

Surry Hills Luxe: An Infinite Design Our Surry Hills Luxe accommodation has been featured in Desire to Inspire. See the write-up here… “The latest from Australia’s premiere luxury holiday …
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Architectural Holiday Homes

Architectural Holiday Homes Architectural Holiday Homes Don’t get us wrong, plush city-living or lazing on a beach-front oasis is to say the least…heavenly and Contemporary Hotels does …
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Palm Beach Easter Accommodation

Palm Beach Easter Accommodation If you’re looking for Palm Beach or Whale Beach accommodation this Easter we still have some stunning beach houses left. Palm Beach …
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Set In Stone

Set In Stone The setting for the WISH fashion shoot this month was one of the last houses Australian architectural master Harry Seidler designed, known then …
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Defying Gravity Down Under

Defying Gravity Down Under Defying Gravity Down Under The house that Harry Seidler created for Peter and Bronwyn Berman is quintessentially Australian in its juxtaposition of ancient …
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