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Rhani-Lee Payne

Northern Beaches Manager Extraordinaire

Nature lover, wine enthusiast and beach devotee… Rhani is manager extraordinaire!

Rhani a Manly local addicted to the ocean is our longest standing employee. Rhani knows the ins and outs of our company better than we do – and where we stock all the good wine!

A breakfast enthusiast, coffee lover and wine entertainer, she is an avid travel fan with a list a mile long for her next adventure! Her most recent escapades had her swimming through the crystal clear Croatian waters and strolling through the back streets of Florence and yes if you are wondering she did enjoy the wine.

A true Gemini she has a love for both ends of the spectrum, from the finer things in life with an avid addiction to high heels and fashion to losing herself in nature with a bushwalk or an ocean swim. Rhani has a generous heart and a fun-loving nature, a keen sense of humour with a sense of wickedness her colleagues hate to love.

Lover of design and interior styling, excelling through the years Rhani is now our Northern beaches Regional Manager; with her dedication and vast experience, she has expanded our collection through the Beaches from Manly to Palm Beach. With over 10 years’ experience Rhani is the go-to for all things Contemporary Hotels, there really is no question she can’t answer!

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