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Whether you’re launching a product, staging a media conference, entertaining VIP clients or celebrating with stakeholders, hiring a Sydney mansion is the ideal way to impress clients and guests. Here’s our top 6 reasons you should consider hiring an exclusive Sydney property for your next corporate function.

1) Wow factor that complements the brand

We have a range of elite Sydney properties available for hire that provide a stunning backdrop for any event. The venue can make or break the success of a function, so it’s important to create that VIP look and feel with a property that appropriately reflects the brand. Choose from a modern and edgy apartment, traditional period home, French inspired townhouse, beachside villa or many more.

2) A diversity of photography opportunities

Impeccably styled homes combined with Sydney’s finest landscapes make great backdrops for photo opportunities for your client’s brand. Furthermore, with large expansive properties you can build a broad collection of photography that can be used later in social media, lookbooks and PR campaigns. Staging multiple photo shoots in different locations throughout the property truly maximises your investment.

3) Creating appeal amongst social media influencers

You may be looking to attract social media influencers to your corporate event. If so, choosing a Sydney mansion as the venue makes it easy. Top influencers are looking for variety in their Instagram stories and Snapchats and they’re looking for exclusive backdrops and angles, not the same content as everyone else. By choosing an exclusive property for your event, you give influential guests the chance to create their own unique photo angle from amongst the the many rooms and property features at their disposal.

4) Mansions for hire in a variety of Sydney locations

With more than seventy Sydney hire properties to choose from, you are certain to find the right venue from the hottest locations in town. Inner city homes are popular for media launches because time-poor journalists need to get the story and depart quickly. Beachside properties create a more relaxed, wellness and lifestyle oriented vibe. Some harbourside villas offer water glimpses while others provide more generous views of the bridge and the skyline. No matter the location or the style of property you are looking for, Contemporary Hotels will deliver.

5) Impeccably styled properties that give your event flair

The high standard of interiors in these luxury mansions are the perfect foundation to style your event according to the client brief and the brand. Some properties are elegantly understated giving you the perfect blank canvas to stage your event with signage, products and decorations. Whilst others feature stronger design elements such as impactful feature walls, bold use of colour and striking combinations of antique and modern furniture, giving you an instant look and feel that doesn’t require any additional styling to impress your clients.

The perfect foundation to style your event according to the client brief and the brand.

6) Take full advantage of the property’s facilities

With such a large and expansive property to work with, you have numerous staging elements to choose from, enabling you to create a multifaceted event. For example, a launch of a new fashion collection may start with a catwalk show by the pool and finish with brief speeches in the lounge. Whereas the kitchen and dining rooms are the natural backdrop for a food product launch. Pools, decks, gardens, bathrooms and multiple rooms provide endless opportunities to create impact and impress your client.

Looking for a Sydney mansion hire for your next event? Our team of experts assist event managers, PRs and marketers choose the right venue from our diverse range of properties. Contact us today to brief us on your event and we will create a bespoke list of mansion recommendations for your consideration.