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It’s the same decision every winter. Hunker down with a pinot and ride out the cooler season, or jet off to Europe and post Grecian beach photos with captions like “Wish you were here.”




Australian winter means a European summer. The problem is that Europe knows it too. Picking the right destination (and avoiding Italian school holiday traffic) is half the battle with mid-year European travel.

When it comes to Italy, you have to be smart. The summer weather is truly gorgeous, but it’s often best to avoid travel in August or late July. That’s when Italian families will be taking their ferragosto holidays: the beaches are packed, and many businesses shut down entirely. Puglia and Capri are perfect in May – the strawberries and peaches will be starting to ripen. In June, consider Umbria, when villa prices are below peak rates and the countryside is a blanket of poppies and sunflowers.


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Paris is another classic summer destination. Temperatures hover around 25°C, and it only rains about six days each month. You get those balmy, languorous nights, when everyone sits along the Rue Saint Dominique, drinking Pernod and reading Hemingway.

Pack a lakeside picnic in the Bois de Vincennes, catch a twilight movie at the Cinema en Plein Air (22 July – 23 August), or browse 150 year-old flea markets at Puces de Saint-Ouen.


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