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Coco Cullen

Chief Cheerleader


Named after the famous Coco Chanel, lover of all things fashion, food, wine, beer (yes, beer!), strong coffee and quality home interiors.

An avid people watcher and listener Coco grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, enjoying every aspect the beaches lifestyle could offer her. Though a beaches girl at heart, Coco now resides in the cosmopolitan suburb of Elizabeth Bay and has immersed herself in the Eastern Suburbs way of life.

An avid fashion fan Coco has an envious wardrobe! If you want to know the best new trendy restaurant in the east, where to get an impeccable Soy Latte and the best heavy bodied glass of Shiraz, Coco is your gal. An enthusiastic ‘foodie’ and a lover of travel; Coco spent 2 years living and working in Canada whilst making us envious of all her many adventures. #coconianadventures.

With a Diploma of Photography and Marketing, she is top notch with styling and design – with the top tier furniture store COCO Republic named after her! Coco uses her knowledge of Business Development, Sales, Real Estate and Marketing to provide outstanding success in building and maintaining relationships with key decision-makers ensuring client retention and loyalty. 

Gemini Coco has a plethora of personalities. With a portion of crazy, happy, relaxed and a huge serving of positivity Coco is a breath of fresh air in the office and has the ability to motivate her co-workers! Coco loves getting to know people and understanding their inner workings. With a keen ability to read people she would love to do a psychology degree in the future.

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